Crucial Resources For Digital Marketing Agencies

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              When building a business in the digital field, you will need 4 major resources that you HAVE to fulfil and maintain in order to do businesses. Can you guess how many resources there is? You should know that electricity & computers are on the list. Here are 4 types of resources that you should have and maintain:

  1. Manpower
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Computers
  4. Electricity

Manpower roughly means people you pay to do activities for your business, without any manpower (besides yourself). You won’t need a lot of other resources. So the more people you have the more expensive the other 3 resources will be. So plan accordingly to get the best result for you businesses

Internet connection is an absolute necessity in probably 99% of human activities, so make sure that you use a good internet connection provider with enough speed and minimum disturbance occurrence. It is really worth it to pay more $ to get a more “premium” provider so you can get better internet since it’s basically the lifeblood of digital business.

Computers are the “organ” of your company. You have to make sure that you have enough so business is done to an optimal level. You should also make sure that the computer’s specifications meets the needs for every single type of employees you may have. Some will require more power and most will require less powerful PC. You have to take those considerations and apply it in your company as good as you can

Electricity is the “oxygen” of your business, without it your business won’t be able to operate. So make sure you have the best electricity distribution company so you won’t have to worry about losing electricity in the middle of a sales call with a client.