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The Best Selling Gifts That You Can Market Using SEO

The Best Selling Birthday Gifts That You Can Market Using SEO

SEO can be used for many intentions, but what most of marketers has seen from early 2016 was that e-commerce is on the rise so it might be wise to do SEO for your e-com site. In this article we will review 3 goodies that you can try to do SEO with to maximize sales

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In addition to family, friends are people who become part of your life that is difficult to replace is not it? Even when compared with girlfriends, friends can be faithful because he is always there for you. That’s why, when your girlfriend wants to birth, surely you want to give something best for her is not it? Do not be confused to give what the hell a gift that fits into a present for your female companions.

Because this article will review what the hell is roughly the right gift for your girl friend’s birthday present. 3 choices of this gift is a gift that is guaranteed unique and will make your friends are interested to always wear them everywhere. And then, the three gift options are:

  1. Rattan Bags

Every woman would need a carry tool that feels right for every event she attends. However, the most frequent dizziness is when deciding which bag is roughly suitable to be brought to the party? Perhaps your best friend is one of the dangling women looking for a unique and different party bag than the others.

Well, you as a good friend, should be able to give her a unique birthday present in the form of a rattan clutch bag. Clutch rattan can indeed be the answer for every woman who wants to look more simple but still elegant when going to the official event.

This rattan bag is not only unique considering the design and model made of rattan and then woven with ketupat model. But the bag also has a very meaningful function for a woman for fashion and also needs.

  1. Wedges Shoes

Hasil gambar untuk wedges

Later wedgets shoes became an interesting option to be a birthday present. In addition to suitable for events that are official,. Wedgets can also be used for everyday activities. Many kok wedgets that size is not too high so suitable for college or hangout with my friends.

But if your female friend is not a girly girl type who likes a variety of feminine women’s shoes or wedgets. You can give a present for your girlfriend’s sandals only. Or you can also gift him sandal shoes with casual design.

Make sure the sandals you give can make him memorable. And of course sandals or sandals that you give to him is suitable for a walk. So gift giving you can be used any time when you want to go hangout together or invited together.

  1. Plants

You know that now hits-hits keep hydroponic plants that can be placed as a room decorator. Moreover, these plants are sold with pots that are very cute and unique. There are pots made of pottery that is very suitable to be a gift for your best friend.

Duh, when his birthday later, if you give a pot that is unique-unique with the seeds of plants or plants directly would be great. You can make this unique pot plant with your unique birthday gift for your best friend.

Well of the three ideas above, which is still roughly a suitable gift for your female companion? Let’s find the best gifts your best friend with unique and interesting items.


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